Selecting a coach

Here are some helpful questions you may wish to consider when selecting a coach…

  1. Are they a member of a professional body, do they have ongoing supervision? As a member of a professional coaching body you have assurance the coach operates ethically and ideally they should have a coach or supervision arrangement, which provides a quality check for their own performance.
  2. What is their coaching experience/qualification? Is the coach accredited by an independent professional body such as the International Coach Federation (ICF), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) or Association for Coaching (AC)?
  3. Coaches come from a number of backgrounds (HR, management, psychology etc) so the coach needs to be able to give you relevant examples to demonstrate that they have experience that suits you.
  4. Has the coach got a track record of success? The coach should be able to provide you with case examples, reference clients or testimonials from satisfied clients. Recommendations from a colleague will also increase the chances of success.
  5. Do they have relevant business experience? It is often helpful if the coach has worked in your field so they can empathise with you. If not, they should be able to satisfy you that they have a good understanding of the nature of your business and the challenges facing staff.
  6. Does the coach have a clear coaching process? Good coaches will take the time to explain what coaching is, how it works and what you will be buying. They will have a clear coaching and contracting process that you can understand.
  7. Do they use proven coaching models and approaches? They should be able to demonstrate the coaching approach they use and how it delivers results.
  8. Does the coach ask you to clarify what you want / expect from the coaching? A good coach should seek to understand your objectives and how the coaching process can work best for you.
  9. What is their ethos on quality? The coach should be able to tell you how progress (and ultimately, success) will be monitored during their coaching process. They should have a feedback mechanism.
  10. What are their rapport skills like? You should feel a strong sense of rapport with the coach, they should give you the confidence that they have well attuned listening skills and should convince you of their ability to assert themselves.
  11. Does the coach ‘fit’? You need to feel that the coach will be a good role model for individuals in your organisation and that their style fits the organisation.


The coach database on the Coaching York website provides local coach profile information so that those who require them can find the coaching services they require.  Coaching York, its officers, co-ordinators, members and associates hold no responsibility for offers of work to coaches through this coaching database, nor for the quality of work provided by coaches and companies listed here.  All coaches listed have signed a Coach Agreement to this effect.