Our Mission and Vision

Coaching York is a social enterprise serving the people of York through high quality coaching


Our mission is to make positive and sustainable changes to the ways in which people relate to one another. We will achieve this by:

– connecting high-quality coaches with the local community, businesses and other organisations

– fostering a wide understanding of coaching

– developing coaching skills

– promoting coaching and

– influencing opinion leaders to become active advocates of coaching


Our vision is for York to become recognised as the coaching capital of the UK. York will be a place where:

Professional coaches volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of local communities

Businesses employ a coaching approach to management and to staff development

Local Government is supported as it responds to its significant social and financial challenges

Research and evaluation from a city-wide approach to coaching is shared nationally and internationally

York residents and employees take opportunities to come together to celebrate the impact of coaching on their communities, businesses, and individual lives

Qualified and aspiring coaches avail themselves of opportunities for professional development and learning to apply best practice


In fulfilling our mission and vision, our activities across the City will be guided by five core values:

CY values

Inclusivity – A coaching community that is welcoming of everyone who has an interest in York

Collaboration – Working together for the benefit of individuals, organisations and community groups

Empowerment – Enabling people to integrate a coaching approach into their own lives

Contagious – Communicating our passion for coaching so that it ‘infects’ the City

Sticky – Having a positive impact that is sustained and deepened by those involved