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Hi, I’m a late convert to the fantastic benefits that good coaching can provide to people, be it business related or otherwise. As a trainer of many years standing, and a consultant I’ve always had that nagging doubt – ‘yes, they liked the training ….. yes they read the report ….. but what are they actually going to do that’s different’.

As a coach, there is great pleasure in helping people articulate precisely what it is they want to do, and then over a period of time, helping those people translate that vision into a reality. In short, a longer, more intense, more satisfying experience

My particular interest is Performance Development Coaching (usually based around workplace  issues, or personal development relating to the workplace). I’ve been doing this now for four years having spent one year on the Certificate in Performance Development Coaching, accredited by the Association for Coaching (AFC) with whom I am registered as a full Member.

I run my own business, ‘Realising Change’, and am based in York. My background is in HR, and this has informed the direction and focus of most of my training and consultancy work. It is pleasing to note that the skill of Coaching is not restricted to any particular line of work – wherever there is a workplace issue to be explored, Coaching may have a role to play – and it’s great to meet some non HR people for a change!

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