North Yorkshire Youth

Management team coaching

A chance meeting with Geoff Ashton at the North Yorkshire and York Forum AGM, has given North Yorkshire Youth a fantastic opportunity.

As part of an offer through Coaching York, Geoff offered us coaching with a view to supporting our organisation. He had no specific agenda and allowed the conversations to flow in an organic way. This was incredibly powerful as it allowed the conversation to go in very unexpected directions.

The coaching sessions have had a significant effect on our senior management team and given us a lot to think about. The experience has created a greater understanding of our personal values both as individuals and as a team. This understanding has created a closer working relationship with the effects of this being that we are much more efficient and have a greater understanding across the organisation.

N Yorks signIt also ensured we took time away from the day to day operations and made us reflect on what we do and why we do it. This alternative perspective has revitalised us and made us think in a different way.

I would certainly recommend the process, even if it just gives you time to step away from the hassles of the daily work. But for me it’s much more than that, as it provides that space in which to think and reflect which every organisation needs to do.

We very much hope to continue the relationship and as Geoff gets to know us better the process can only be improved.


David Sharp – Chief Executive North Yorkshire Youth

September 2015